Monday, September 17, 2012

Hearing Test #1 from 09-12

I wanted to insert a scan of my first and second hearing test done at the ENT.  I think this will help people understand more clearly what has changed.  The plain dots indicate my hearing three years ago and they are all above normal.  The dots with circles and connected in the lines are my hearing as of two weeks ago. 
The testers notes read moderate to severe hearing loss. 

Normal hearing is where the darker line is between 20 & 30 anything above that is good.

These are the definitions for those terms:

Moderate Hearing Loss
: An average loss of hearing acuity between 40-75 dB.
Those with a moderate hearing loss have great difficulty in hearing and
understanding conversational speech when not using a hearing aid. These
people generally benefit significantly from the use of personal hearing aids and

Severe Hearing Loss: An average loss of hearing acuity between 70-95 dB.
Powerful hearing aids and assistive listening devices may benefit those with a
severe hearing loss. Even with the use of a hearing aid, understanding of speech
is often severely limited. Often these people rely on speech-reading and/or sign
language to understand the spoken word, especially in group situations.

The third hearing test I had at the specialists office showed my hearing was down about 5 more clicks in every single area and that includes my lower hearing which is currently normal.  This is what prompted the 1 month re-check and the MRI order. 

My next hearing test will be in about 2 weeks.  I am anxious to see if the hearing degradation has slowed, increased or stabilized.  I am hoping for the latter.

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