Friday, September 14, 2012

The Sound of Music...Without The Nuns

It's hard to describe today.  I feel so much more appreciative of everyday things.  For instance last night I was watching X Facto, even though I said I would not watch because Brittany Spears is on it  (don't hate me Linda! haha).  I should say that I am a fan of her in general because I think she is an amazing performer but I just don't think her voice is that great.  Still, I digress.  I was watching X Factor and this tiny little girl of 13 came on and started singing "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone and it was rockin!  I got chills and even teared up she was so frigging amazing.  And I reveled in the music, the words and the sound. 

Most of you know how much I love music.  I love it all and because of that my phone is an eclectic mess.  Anything from musicals to Linkin Park - Christian music to Eminem - Nat Cole to David Cook its all there.  Chris and I are currently into a bit of Irish and Indian music (not mixed together of course).  But ultimately my most relaxing music is definitely jazz.  Give me Diana Krall, Buble, or Harry Connick Jr. and a nice relaxing candle lit house and I will be in heaven.  In fact, as a child I always pictured myself as the loft dwelling, jazz listening, wine party throwing and kids with the nanny type.  At age 13 I told my parents I wanted to live in New York and I still love that city very much but its really not me.     

No, I like my suburban life.  My husband has satisfied my "city" need by taking me to New York, Paris, London and of course Kansas City!  Whenever a musical comes we will go down town to eat and see the show.  I love it. 

My most recent Facebook post was regarding Les Miserable, my favorite all time musical.  I am beyond excited for the movie due out in December.  Ann Hathaway has done an amazing job on "I Dreamed a Dream". My pulse quickened when the opening chords played before the preview and I held my breath as it continued on.  So moved from just that tiny clip that it has remained in my mind since that moment.  

This is what I love about music, it stays with you even after its gone. 

I will admit I have made a playlist on my phone entitled Songs to remember because I have my favorites.  I intend to listen to them over and over until they are embedded so deeply in my mind that I will always remember them.   So for fun - here are a few and I would love to hear some of yours!  Post them in the comments and lets see what songs come up. 

The songs you never want to forget.


On My Own - Les Miserable
I Swear I'd Give My Life For You - Miss Saigon 
For Good - Wicked
Make You Feel My Love - Adele
On Fire - Switchfoot
Polyamerous - Breaking Benjamin's
Section 9 Light and Day - Polyphonic Spree
Smile - Glee Cast

I know there are many more - help me come up with them friends. 

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