Thursday, September 27, 2012

Too Many Signs To Ignore

Tonight was spent having date night with Carter.  It is a special time for the two of us to hang out and catch up.  I'm so grateful my husband understands the importance of it.  You see, when we go too long not having mommy and Carter time, he and I both suffer.  It's important to remember that we spent almost two years just the two us and so we cherish that time when we get it.  Chris took the baby and we went to McDonald's.  Yes, groan, Mcdonald's. 

It's Monopoly ya know!  ;) 

We ordered our food, all items with Monopoly pieces, and sat at a high table near a window.  This is important to note because with Chase around we cannot sit at high tables and Carter loves them. 

We chatted and ate for a few minutes when a shady looking young man sat down at the table next to us.  What made him shady?  I've been turning that over in my mind all night.  I mean in my business I hire lots of young kids and a lot of them have seen hard times in this life but not too many of them do I consider with the word shady.  Looking back I believe it was the way that he stared at us and how he chose the table right next to ours when every other one was empty that truly made me uncomfortable.  I wasn't scared or nervous but I definitely took inventory of our surroundings noting that no one could see us where we sat if something were to happen. 

I let on nothing to Carter and he went on happily telling me stories about school.  So engrossed in four square stories I quickly forgot about the young man.

Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed what the boy was eating.  I'm not sure why it mattered or was relevant but he had two sandwiches off the dollar menu.  Just a glance at his tray and iimmediately I wondered about his life.  I'll admit, I am such a people watcher its hard to turn it off.  About that time two young blond girls walked up to him one of them holding out her phone for him to see the text she had just received and inwardly I breathed a sigh of relief.  He had friends, he was not scoping or surveying the store for people to rob but really there only to eat. 

I saw the girl laugh and then show him something else on the phone.  That was when it hit me.  Like a bowling ball to the head.  The reason he stared so intently.

He was deaf. 

I have noticed that with my hearing compromised I study peoples faces more.  With no sound at all I suppose that elevates. 

Carter noticed too as the girls made noises and the boy just sat in silence.  Clearly they could not sign and so they were using  a program on their phone to type him messages and he was typing some back. 

"Why aren't they using sign language mommy?"  Carter asked me a bit too loudly but let's face it teenagers are in their own world and neither girl noticed.

"They probably don't know how honey."  I said shrugging my shoulders. 

"I know some."  he boasted as his fingers made the A then B and C. 

"I'm so proud of you!  Mommy has been learning some also but I really need to find a class so I can know more."  His eyes were wide as he listened.

"Teach me something mom." His sweet little face looked up at me expectantly.

And so I taught him how to ask someone's name and then how to respond.  He caught on so easily! 

After we returned home he showed Chris what he had learned. 

Just like I said in the link before this one.  My world keeps changing and its time to embrace it. 

Judgement comes too easy and I am glad I was slapped in the face with truth.  Forced to self reflect and to grow not only by a boy I'll never know but by my own child. 

I know he noticed us practicing the sign language and I hope he was not offended.  If I would have only known more I would have at least said something...

It's time to make that a priority - too many signs to ignore. 

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