Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why A Blog?

So its finally time to publish what I have written to my new blog, the one you are reading now.  It is a very private and personal thing to share about yourself so freely and openly but I wanted to share why I chose to speak about what was happening to me through this vehicle. 

  1. Writing is my passion, my outlet and it helps me heal.
  2. I wanted some place for my family to come where they could find out what was going on with me and not be embarrassed or shy to talk to me about it. 
  3. To keep people updated.  I don't have much spare time for phone calls and I don't really like the idea of this information moving from person to person because things get altered.
  4. So if anyone else is experiencing what I am going through perhaps I can be a sympathetic ear or a helpful voice.

I will continue blogging from now on.  You can sign up to get notifications of when new posts go up.

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