Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moving Into Acceptance

It's good news!  My hearing has not changed since last month!  And as I expected the MRI showed no structural issues. 

The Doctor basically told me that this was good but that it only means that the loss is occurring more gradually.  Once again in an effort to find out just what that rate was I am scheduled to go back in three months. 

I was happy though because with each test that comes back the same it stretches out time.  It relieves me to know that it won't have all deteriorated by this time next year. 

After checking out my ears he said they both look good.  So why then was I having issues with my left ear I wondered and then it hit me.  The hearing aid.  It never occurred to me that there might be an issue with that and not my ear.

When I got home I had Chris listen to each one and sure enough my left side wasn't working properly.  What a relief, what an eye opening revelation.  You see last week with both hearing aids out I told you that it felt relatively normal aside from the loud ringing that is always present.  But with one working hearing aid and one non working device the difference was profound.  The hearing deficit became crystal clear to me then.  They are and forever will be needed.  No more backsliding or denial. 

Everyone can hold me to that.  This is my new life and I think I finally moved into acceptance. 


  1. Love your heart and sweet spirit, Tara. Thank you for putting all of this into words for us. It's an honor to know this part of you.

  2. Thanks Linds - I am so blessed to have you as a neighbor and friend! I appreciate you!

  3. Love you dear friend! I am really enjoying reading this journey. Here for u!