Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vacation Variables Part 2 - Victory!

So it turns out I don't think I did half bad! 

Concern one, of not being able to hear those behind me, ended up being a moot point as my pregnant belly and I were always bringing up the rear.

Concern two, of having trouble at the water park, was also rendered unnecessary as I spent most of my time doing the things that pregnant people can do at a water park which was hang out with Chase at the kid area.  Not much talking involved there! 

Concern three, of the plane ride to and from Florida, actually did not affect how my ears felt in any way. 

The only time I had an "oops" moment with my hearing aids was at Magic Kingdom when I took Chase under the Spitting Camels to cool off.  I was so caught up in getting him in the water I did not think about myself getting hit by some.  As soon as the cool liquid hit my hair though realization clicked and I immediately took them out and put them in the stroller. 

I feel truly blessed and grateful that in the setting of vacation all seemed well.

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