Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vacation Variables

As promised, today I woke renewed and excited for our upcoming vacation to Florida!  I needed yesterday though and even putting my hearing issues aside I know most pregnant women would agree that hormones can be a tricky thing.  Thank you for allowing me to vent in a safe place!

So, Vacation!  While in Florida we are going to Disney, the beach and a water park.  Carter is thrilled about it all, Chase has no clue we are even leaving - ha! 

I have been dutifully packing over the last week hoping that if anything is forgotten it is something that either won't be missed or can be easily replaced.  Since the hearing loss started and my memory has gotten worse I have made several lists to ensure travel success, or at least I think I have.  Ha again!
Realizing my limitations has never been my strong suit.  But after reading the most recent book on hearing loss I know that somehow it is what has to occur.  To do that I must admit to myself that there could be issues and I need to have practical answers on how I will deal with them. 

Here are what I am calling my Vacation Variables.  I will handle them as best I can and with all of the grace I can muster! 

1.  With the size of the crowds at the theme parks, will I be able to hear any of my entourage if they are positioned behind me?  I plan on making it clear to everyone that if I don't respond then I did not hear and probably need to be patted or tapped on the shoulder.

2.  At the water park without my hearing aids and the water/people noise will I be able to hear much of any speaking?  I will have to lean in close, especially to Carter and watch their lips carefully.  Most likely I will repeat everything back to confirm.

3.  How will the flight affect my ears?  This one I plan on taking Tylenol as we near our descent.  Most of the time this helps however they have been known to ring pretty loudly rendering me even a bit more hard of hearing until morning.  I've decided to pray that one off! 

This is the new me. 

Correction, this is the seven month old new me.  Hard to believe that it has been that long. 

When planning this vacation I honestly didn't give my hearing any thought.  However I did consider my pregnancy to great lengths when choosing a location and I had only been pregnant a few weeks.  I'm shrugging my shoulders as I write I think because worrying about a baby is still so much easier than worrying about myself. 

Recently someone asked me why we chose Disney and my gut response was 100% for the kids!  It is a vacation where they are never bored.  And personally I love that you never have to plan out your day beyond heading to the parks. 

Practically we also made this choice because we have been there many times and know exactly what to expect,it is within the United States, the beach is in driving distance and it's the most magical place of all! 
I know at 19 weeks that it will be tiring for me but I believe that adrenaline and excitement will keep this mama plugging along.  Carter just came to me yesterday and said how excited he was...that's motivation enough for me! 

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